Who Are We?

The Owner and Technician at KRG Motorcycles has over 15 years of motorcycling experience and has toured almost every country in Europe on almost every model of Yamaha R1 produced amongst owning countless other motorcycles.

Being a Qualified Mechanical Engineer and worked in the Aerospace Industry and later the Oil & Gas Industry he has also spent much of his free time around road racing and helping different race teams during their campaigns. Most recently we have been racing the KRG BMW S1000rr in the North East Club Open championship gaining positive results in the open and race wins in the novice class

Customer Care

When dealing with KRG Motorcycles you will be dealing direct with Kyle the owner. As we know, in this line of work reputation is everything and we understand that sometimes in the real world anything mechanical can go pear shaped . and therefore our after-care is second to none. We will strive to ensure that your service is the best possible even after you have taken your bike away

Our guarantee to you is that you will not find a company who cares for its customers more than we do.

Our aim is to become a major player in the motorcycle servic, repair and suspension business and we cannot do that without 100% of customers being happy 100% of the time.

That will never change whether it's a simple fuse change or an engine rebuild.

The KRG Guarantee

KRG offer a Full Guarantee on all parts fitted and work performed therefore you can be confident that even after your pride and joy leaves the workshop it's still very much in our interests to ensure your bike continues to perform exactly how you expect it to. 

Core Values

No matter how passionate we are about motorcycles and how much they are in our blood line, our core values centre around our customers. Everything within our power will be done to meet your requirement and we will not be happy until you are. That is the value on which we will grow.