Suspension Services

KRG Motorcycles have formed due to a gap in the motorcycle suspension market, after being involved in the racing scene and road riding scene one problem we see time and time again is the lack of qualified and trained people to offer a comprehensive suspension service and repair package, especially right here in the north east of England.

This is where KRG Motorcycles entered the market. We offer a mail in service where by you can send us your loose forks or shock to be serviced by us and then they are sent back to you. Turn-around is usually within 4 days of us receiving your items depending on work load.

Please contact us before sending your goods.

In 2015 & 2016 we have invested Thousands of Pounds in tooling and equipment as well as having a new workshop built (Finished June 2016) to allow us to offer the very best service possible. We have had training to service various manufacturers and are currently in talks with major manufacturers of suspension to allow us to buy equipment direct which will allow us to keep costs as low as possible and the savings are passed on to you.

Why should I spend money on my suspension when my bike is still young??

There is a common misconception with motorcycle riders that the suspension is designed to allow them to ride the bike in anyway they wish whether it be road riding, trackdays or just popping to the shops. This is not strictly true, generally speaking, motorcycles are mass produced items therefore to keep costs down they are produced with suspension that will suit every rider, small , large, male, female, fast and slow and lets face it, its impossible to mass produce an item that suits everyone. There are so many variables when dealing with suspension that it can be simply mind blowing. Is there a corner on your favourite route that you just can never seem to get right? Does your bike behave differently on different road surfaces and at different speeds? Do you sometimes lack confidence on certain corners? Issues like these (and many more) could all be suspension related.

What KRG Motorcycles will do is first of all speak to you and find out exactly what you expect from your bike. What you are feeling? How you are riding? How you like your bike to handle etc? We will take this into account plus your body weight and riding style plus the type of suspension you currently have, tyres and pressures amongst other information. Once we have gathered all the information we then remove your suspension and strip it down to see what condition the suspension internals are like and then rebuild it using the correct springs and oil for YOU!

After being involved with bikes for over 20 years we have learned that money spent on suspension can be the best money you can spend

How Do I know I'm getting the Right Service??

Come to the workshop located in Consett, Co.Durham (By Appointment Only) and see our equipment, see our tooling and decide for yourself. You can also talk directly to customers who have already benefitted from using our services. We are driven by customer satisfaction and we aim to be a major player in the business. This isn't possible without customer satisfaction


Fork Service (Loose Forks)           From £90

Fork Service (Attached to Bike)      From £125

Shock Service (Loose Shock)        From £135

Shock Service (Attached To Bike)    From £145


Race / Trackday support       Contact us for more details

Fork straightening                From £70

We are the north east's biggest and best Ktech dealer for road and race. We have built up a fantastic relationship with the best manufacturer on the market and we bring the best products to you at the best prices. Contact us for more info

We are authorised by Ktech suspension to supply and fit their SSK and SSRK fork valve upgrade kits.

K-Tech SSK piston kits are available to fit most front fork cartridge damping systems and have been designed for road and track use to give enhanced damping control over the original equipment, giving comfort and confidence to the rider. All piston kits are supplied as a complete assembly for ease of fitment with new control valves and needles to give a more precise range of adjustment

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Suspension Upgrades, Servicing And Overhauls

Our service does not just stop at K-tech, we can service and build all manufactueres including Ohlins, KYB, SHOWA, WP, Hyperpor, Nitron, YSS Hagon, Andreani , Marzocci, Wilbers, and almost all OEM suspension units.

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After - looking fresh and ready to race

All Shims replaced for new

Steering damper service and rebuilds

At KRG Motorcycles we can also repair, replace and tune motocross Suspension as well as road race suspension.

We have worked with a local motorcross racer to tune and set up his bike and gained priceless knowledge on the requirements of dirt riding suspension dampening. Contact us now to find out how we can improve your motocross bike

 I was given this tired old Ohlins Shock by a local custom bike builder and asked to make it fit with his Harris project. One of the stipulations was nothing is to be gold, it had to be black and silver and it has to look perfect

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