Servicing & Repair

KRG Motorcycles have over 20 years of motorcycling experience and 15 years carrying out servicing and repair at a professional level.

Whether it be a simple fuse change, a routine service or a full engine refresh KRG will endeavour to ensure you leave 100% happy and confident.

All work performed is protected with a full guarantee

The KRG motorcycles Full Service and Track Preparation Service

We are currently offering a full tailor made service also known as a track preparation deal. This can be performed on either road bikes or track bikes and the service will be designed to meet your specific needs.

As part of the deal we will prep your bike for track or road use. Generally speaking you can take your road bike on a track and have no issues, however a completely standard bike will need a few changes before you starting chasing down those lap times, our track prep deal will completely service your bike to a higher standard than any dealership can offer and prepare the bike to be taken on a trackday or even just general road use, we will meet your specific needs. We will set up the suspension for your weight as part of the deal.

The track prep deal includes the following

1. Engine oil & Filter Motul 5100 10/40 supplied as part of the deal but an upgrade to 300V factory line is possible at additional cost)

2. Air filter Checked & Cleaned (Replaced if necessary at additional cost)

3. Front forks removed stripped and serviced with new seals and oil, including a ultrasonic cleaning process for all internals and valve shims

4. Rear shock removed stripped and serviced with new seals oil and nitrogen charge. Also including ultrasonic cleaning for the internals and valve shims

5. Suspension set up for track use (Optional)

6. Brake callipers removed and cleaned. ( Callipers can be fully stripped and re sealed at additional cost)

7. Brake fluid replaced using high quality Motul RBF 600 or EBC dot 5 brake fluid

8. Headstock bearings checked and repacked with grease

9. Swing arm pin removed checked and lubricated

10. Wheels removed and bearings checked, repacked with grease where possible

11. Chain and sprockets checked , lubricated and adjusted

12. A thorough nut and bolt check of the entire bike

13. Full electrical check including all lights, horn, side stand cut out switch (Road bikes Only)

Only £450

price may vary depending on bike - Contact Us For More Info


1. Please help us to help you. Please ensure your bike is clean where possible before it comes to our workshop this saves time on cleaning bikes and therefore wont add any un expected charges on to your bill, i work on a tight schedule.

2. Road testing is part of the service, If we repair your bike we are fully insured to road test it afterwards, however your bike still has to have MOT and Tax. please let us know at the time of drop off / Pick up if your bike is not road worthy, in which case we will be unable to road test it 

3 please also make sure your bike has enough fuel in it to allow me to road test it 

A Beautiful Ducati 899 Panigale in the workshop for a sigma slipper clutch, see-through clutch casing and magnesium engine casings


This 2003 CBR 600 came into us as a none runner due to a previous owner cutting the wiring to fit after market parts.

KRG Motorcycles fully rewired the bike and brought her back to life again